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Panther Creek Pinot Noir Featured in Sports Illustrated

Panther Creek Cellars
August 9, 2017 |
Panther Creek News

Panther Creek Pinot Noir Featured in Sports Illustrated


Deep dish pizza in Gainesville! Bacon steaks in South Bend! A bottle of wine from Eugene! We’ve picked the 25 best college town meals… (or liquid meals!)…to feast on during the 2017 College Football season.

Wednesday August 9th, 2017

When I gave up my vote in The Associated Press poll a few years ago, I was thrilled. No longer would I have to wake up early Sunday morning to put together a list of 25 college football teams that would almost certainly get me yelled at by the fanbases of every school ranked lower than No. 1.

But it turns out I miss getting yelled at. So I’ve devised a ranking that will be far more controversial than any college football ranking I’ve ever done. (Yes, even the one where I had Boise State at No. 1.) My job takes me to college towns all across America, and there’s something wonderful about a town that wouldn’t exist had someone not built an institution of higher learning there. It’s usually a little more cultured than a town of a similar size, and has a few more big-city conveniences than another town of the same size because the students demand the same things they had in their (usually larger) hometowns. The inevitable mix of creativity and youthful energy tends to create some delicious food, too. So today we’re going to rank the top 25 college-town dishes in America.

First, the ground rules. These dishes must be available in a college town or the surrounding metro area. How do we define a college town? It must have a major university and a metro population lower than 500,000. Its reason for existing in its current form must be the university. We’ll know who didn’t read this paragraph when they start screaming about their favorite Austin or Madison restaurant being left off the list. Here we go: Read Full Article Here

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